Food Security

Organic Footprints is passionate about buying into Food Security and Community Supported Agriculture. Over the last three years we have engaged in several projects, in getting small farmers off the ground to start supplying fresh produce and to get our local community to buy more and more into the IMPORTANCE OF SUPPORTING LOCAL FARMERS.

Up until now all the small mini farmers/growers have been those that support the middle to upper class niche markets of Port Elizabeth. The past few years our dedication lies in focusing more into Food Security in our local poorer communities.

(For more information on our Thoughts of Food Security see Community Outreach.)

We  joined forces with Missionvale Care Centre in 2013, where at years end, with efforts of the Agri Team of 3 passionate individuals at the centre, managed to set up 40 gardens  at the Missionvale centre, as well as an additional 75 individual small gardens in and around the community.

The success rate of the established gardens is very high, with only very few falling to ruin. The statistics are very encouraging as interest grows on a monthly basis by individuals stepping forward to take initiatives in planting gardens to feed their families.

The project is still in its infant stages, but Organic Footprints aims each year to expand on the already established gardens, as well as to improve skills, soil and general growing conditions required by these growers. Primary objectives remain to feed each inidivdual family from their respective gardens. The Gardens at the Community Centre go towards the soup kitchen where members of the Community seeking nourishment may pay for their meal with recycling. Primary objectives include: teaching people to grow, showing how to improve soil conditions, general growing skills and knowledge, infrastructure to support gardens from rain & wind using material lying in the township i.e old tyres.