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Beef Gourmet Burgers (4 pack) RB

Red Barn - Free Range


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Product Details – write up from Red Barn.

From the Finest free range, grass fed cows, this BEEF BURGER is really delicious!

We love the flavour of a good well hung grass-fed, slow-matured, additive-free and carefully aged Beef.

These burgers are not made with the leftovers, they are made with PRIME STEAK MINCE!

The firm texture combines with the creamy outer layer of fat to yield a juicy full flavour with a bit more of a bite. Easy to cook in the frying pan, on a griddle or barbecue and also great for marinating.

Genuinely grown on grass, you will see the difference. No growth hormones, just pure pastured meat.

Contains Gluten

Beef, Herbs (parsley etc), Salt, Pepper, Breadcrumbs, preservatives, Traces of MSG