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Essene – Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread

Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread


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SOURCE: Spring Farm

Essene is a “living” Organic Sprouted Wheat bread

Organic Wheat, Purified Water, Himalayan salt, Organic Cold pressed coconut oil used for shaping.

Slice with a sharp wet serrated knife. If the bread breaks it can be pressed back together.


This bread is baked for 1 hour at 150’C


The sprouting of grains is a natural process making a “live” bread which is more digestible and highly nutritious. A high protein, low gluten food providing sustained energy for those with wheat intollerances as during the sprouting process the gluten kernel is destroyed.

Sprouting takes 2-3 days. As their shoots grow, enzymes and chemicals break down the seed and prepare wheat germ to nourish the growing sprout. This germination enhances the availability of vitamin A, B, C, releases the elements iron, potassium and calcium and seriously ups the protein levels.

The result: More vitamins, more protein, less calories, great taste!