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Soulstar Botanica Reed diffuser – 100ml corked amber glass bottle

Small Batch Formulation by a certified aromatherapist.


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An all natural, economical and long lasting essential oil reed diffuser with sweet almond oil.

Ideal in small spaces such as a bathroom, bedroom or on your desk.
A beautiful blend of Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Franikincense, Lemon & Neroli essential oils which creates a gentle, vanilla-jasmine type of aroma. Soothing and calming to mind and spirit.

Diffuser comes in a 100 ml corked, pretty amber glass bottle with reeds packed separately.
As a Christmas special, gift wrapped with a blank JeannieB cards Christmas gift tag for you to use.

If kept out of direct sunlight in a fairly cool environment, your reed diffuser will last for approximately 6 weeks to 2 months… easily topped up with your favourite essential oils. Refills will be available to purchase.

To set up: – remove the cork, place all 7 reeds into the bottle and stir gently.
For the first few days, turn the reeds to wet both sides a couple of times per day.
Allow for a few days for the aromas to diffuse, as the reeds to soak up the oils.
Once the aroma is diffusing, the reeds can be turned once a week.
Please note that this is an all natural diffuser, so it is a beautiful, subtler scent than a lot of commercial diffusers available.