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1/2 Lamb ( Estimated 9-11kg) packed in packets R139.99/kg


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Supplier: Fable Farm Butchery

Status: Free range and grass fed

STYLE: CITY SLICKER – with deboned leg roast and rack of ribs

Fable is located on Fairview Farm, bought in 1893 by George John Levey and has been in the Levey family for four generations. A family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on our personal and hands-on approach. We are involved in every step of the process from the farm, transport, harvesting and delivery. We personally select product from farmers in the surrounding area so that the Fable Meat produced is always of the best quality. From birth to harvest the animals, from which the product was derived, have never been fed any genetically engineered feed or animal by-products.

Animals have been raised without antibiotics, any added hormones or growth stimulants.

Animals treated with anthelmintics have to adhere to withdrawal periods before harvest.

Fable Meats distinct flavour comes from animals being raises on the veld, natural pastures and the Five Biome in the Winterberg Conservancy Alpine Mountain, Ironstone Mountain Suurveld, Mountain Suurveld Flats, and Karoo Acacia.


Each and every farm, farmer and animal has their own story to tell, it’s embedded in their DNA. From the land which they are raised on to how they are treated. With a rich and proud history passed on from generations, Fable farmers have a passion for the land and their animals.

We at Fable ensure we nurture this natural story by farming natures table and bringing together nature in its purest form to your table. The moral of Fable is if we nurture nature and its animals, in return it will nurture us with all its goodness.

Our animals are farmed from Natures Table, where they are nourished under natural conditions. Creating a product that is traceable, consistent with quality and of exceptional taste and goodness.

Estimated weight of 1/2 lamb is 9-11 kg

Costing was calculated based on 11kg estimate and will be revised according to actual weight once invoice is generated.

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