Hannam Toaster – Five Seed – Naturally Fermented Seed Bread (750g)

Sugar Free. Gluten Free. Vegan. Yeast Free. Preservative Free

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The original, and still the most popular, Fiveseed is coarsely ground, dense and full of flavour. Made with buckwheat, black sesame, white sesame, flax and sunflower seeds, with sea salt, water and a touch of turmeric being the only additional ingredients.

Fiveseed has a distinctive full-seed taste that marries well with avocado, strong cheese and other savoury toppings … That said, we’ve heard it described as “the perfect platform for marmalade”, so really, whatever floats your boat!

Ingredients: Seeds (60%) Buckwheat seeds, Flax Seeds, Sunflower seeds, White sesame seeds, Black sesame seeds, Water, Sea salt, Turmeric.

Best enjoyed well toasted, to bring out the flavours – edges should be crisp and crunchy. Length of time will vary depending on the toaster, but often requires more than one toast cycle, or 5-8 minutes in flat iron.

Being preservative-free, it must be kept refrigerated, or in the freezer. Toasts perfectly from frozen. Lasts six months in the freezer (though we challenge anyone to keep something this delicious that long).