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A LOW CARB Free Range Beef Burger Combo

Gluten and MSG Free Range Beef Burger Patties with Veg


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Healthy alternative to commercial burgers:

Our combo consists of the following quality ingredients:
4-pack Gluten and MSG FREE burger patties (free range)
500g normal round tomatoes (conventional farming – we will however always prioritise organically grown when available at no extra cost to you)
1kg sweet potatoes (wash and slice up as oven chips – drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with cumin and herbs if you wish and grill at 200’C)
2-pack giant brown mushrooms (ideal as burger bun replacement). You can order more as they are also listed on the website
(If you dont want to use them as a burger bun replacement – you can make a mushroom sauce with them too)
120g Beet it salad pack (Home grown mix of lettuce, beetroot leaves, rocket, sugar snaps)

The mushrooms are great when drizzled with a mix of olive oil and fresh, crushed garlic OR
smear them with home made pesto of your choice and sprinkle some feta on top before grilling