Mooks Coconut Flour Gluten Free Wraps (6)

Vegan and Gluten Free


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Gluten Free wraps
Handmade Gluten, Sugar and Seed free wraps
Coconut Flour, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Salt, Pepper, Cumin & Dried Mixed Herbs
Pan fry in a little Olive or Coconut Oil on a medium to low heat. Allow to become firm (pan can be pulled off the stove to ensure that it does not burn) and once firm, flip over and cook on the other side (30 seconds to a minute) Due to elasticity you can straighten the wrap with your spatula if it bunches up.
The wraps will last up to 7 days in the fridge and can then be frozen otherwise freeze at outset. The inserts allow for easy peeling off of each wrap. Can also be frozen once cooked!
Besides meaty, savoury, salad or vegetable fillings these wraps are also delicious drizzled with honey, banana and Bacon in place of a pancake stack!