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Seeds – Cauliflower – Snow Ball 25 seeds

Sandveld Certified Organic


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SUPPLIER: Sandveld Organics

STATUS: Certified Organic

SOURCE: Local to South Africa *Some original seed banks were sourced from Switzerland and America but seeds are now harvested in SA


PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS:Plant November through to April.Make seedlings in a seedlings tray or seedling bed, plant out at 4 – 6 weeks. Depth 3x seed diameter.60 – 100cm apart. harvest 15 – 22 weeks. Can be hard to grow successfully. more frost sensitive than most brassicas. Not heat tolerant. Fail if stressed during trasnplant. Grow better in cooler temperatures. Break a leaf over the head to prevent the curd becoming discoloured.

COMPANIONS: celery, tomatoes, dwarf beans, beetroots, spinach and salads, cucumber, marigold, nasturtiums

ENEMIES: White cabbage butterfly. Avoid planting with pole beans, tomato, peppers, eggplant, strawberry, mustard

OTHER USEFUL INFO: The book called “”Janes Delicious Garden”” can be a useful handy book to have when planting organic seeds. Please google for details. Please see our Seeds of Knowledge page for more useful tips on sustainable vegetable production.