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Seeds – Lettuce Butter Ultra 1g/pckt

Sandveld Certified Organic


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SUPPLIER: Sandveld Organics

STATUS: Certified Organic

SOURCE: Local to South Africa *Some original seed banks were sourced from Switzerland and America but seeds are now harvested in SA


PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS:Plant Jan or Aug and transplant Mar/Apr or Sep/Oct respectively. Easy to grow. Sow in garden or start in seed trays and plant our at 4 – 6 weeks. Sow seed at depth 3 x diameter of seed. 20 – 30cm apart. Harvest 8 – 12 weeks.Some lettuce types dont enjoy extreme heat. Provide shade to prevent going to seed in the very hot months. Sow in rows and use thinnings as small greens in salads. shallow rooted, so water daily in hot weather to prevent bitter flavour.

COMPANIONS: carrots, onions, strawberries, beets, brassicas, radish, marigold, borage, chevril, fennel, leeks.

ENEMIES: Avoid planting with parsley or celery

OTHER USEFUL INFO: The book called “”Janes Delicious Garden”” can be a useful handy book to have when planting organic seeds. Please google for details. Please see our Seeds of Knowledge page for more useful tips on sustainable vegetable production.