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Soulstar Botanical Bath Salts – Neroli and Mandarin 450g Glass Jar

Small Batch Formulation by a certified aromatherapist.


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Soulstar Botanica Bath Salts:
Small Batch Formulation by a certified aromatherapist.
Suitable for most skin types.

Mandarin & Orange Blossom Essential Oil Bath Salts with Pink Himalayan Rock Salt:
Floral & feminine aromatic salts containing minerals that are absorbed through the skin to help ease muscle soreness and relieve tension of the mind and body, the addition of bicarbonate soda softens and soothes the skin’s surface.

Benefits of Aromatic Baths with Epsom Salts:
Epsom salts (Magnesium sulfate) are an excellent source of the mineral, magnesium. When your body is deficient in magnesium, you may experience more anxiety, muscular aches and pains as well as PMS symptoms.
Epsom salt baths are a simple way to boost magnesium levels in the body, easily absorbed through the skin. They are highly effective in supporting and aiding the body in detoxing both physically and emotionally. Epsom salts are very effective in the elimination of waste material from the skin and reducing muscular aches and pains through aiding the elimination of uric acid build-up. The use of salts in a bath can enhance and support the body’s immune response by stimulating lymph and blood circulation. Both Sea salt, Himalayan Rock salt and Epsom salt baths can also be incredibly useful for energetic/emotional cleansing.

Benefits of Bicarbonate Soda:
– Helps to detoxify and alkalize your body
– Softens the skin
– The addition of baking soda can help to reduce dry, itchy skin irritations.

Benefits of Orange Blossom (Neroli) Essential Oil:
Feminine. Balancing. Calming and soothing, eases tension in the body and mind and soothes skin irritations.
-Highly beneficial for the skin, soothing, anti inflammatory.
Benefits of Mandarin Essential Oil:
-Anitviral, anti-depressant, calming, clearing, anxiolytic.
-Refreshing and uplifting.

Rose petal confetti adds a little extra pretty.

Depending on your preference, add anything from a couple of TBSP – up to half a cup of your bath salts once your bath is ready and you’re already in it!

Citrus aurantium, Citrus reticulata, Coriandrum sativum, Himalayan pink rock salt, Bicarbonate Soda, Magnesium sulfate, rose petals.