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Soulstar Botanical Respiratory Steam Salts 150ml Glass jar

Small Batch Formulation by a certified aromatherapist.


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Soulstar Botanica Respiratory Steam:
Small batch formulation by a certified aromatherapist.

A decongesting herbal steam. (Due to the types of essential oils used, this is not suitable for children under the age of 10) Prepared with salts, you could also use this mixture in a foot bath. Please take care when placing face over bowl to ensure you are not burned by the initial rush of steam.

A mix of herbs and salts infused with a therapeutic essential oil synergy including Eucalyptus dives, Cinnamomum camphora and * Mentha piperita, *Citrus limon and home dried citrus peel for added aroma, uplifting and therapeutic benefits.

The many therapeutic benefits of a botanical facial steam:

Herbs included in the Facial Steam:
Eucalyptus – All versions of Eucalyptus, including lemon and peppermint eucalyptus, are fabulous for chest congestion, coughs, and stuffy noses.
Tulsi – A wonderfully gentle herb, soothing to the sinuses and can help to reduce headaches. Antiviral and decongestant. Beneficial to the upper respiratory tract.
Chamomile – A natural antihistamine, chamomile helps to calm the mind and promoting restful sleep.
Cinnamon – Naturally antiviral and antiseptic, cinnamon is an excellent decongestant. The warming properties of cinnamon help to increase circulation.
Clove – A natural expectorant, antiseptic and warming.
Cypress – Cypress is a natural antiseptic and expectorant, great for coughs and congestion.
Lavender leaf and buds – One of the gentlest, most versatile herbs that features in many blends, lavender is highly antibacterial as well as antiseptic. It is a member of the mint family and does a good job of opening up the airways while also helping to calm you for a good night’s rest.
Citrus peels – Also highly antiseptic and antibacterial, citrus peels contains the essential oils of the fruit, which helps to break up mucous and ease congestion.
Peppermint – this variety of mint is high in menthol content, peppermint is naturally antibacterial and a natural expectorant.
Rosemary – Highly antiseptic, rosemary is another member of the mint family that is great at opening the airways and easing congestion.
Sage – An amazing decongestant for the head and lungs. Anti-catarrhal, anti-spasmodic and disinfecting. Great for hay fever, runny noses & sinusitis too.
Thyme – Again highly antiseptic and antiviral, a natural expectorant, used throughout the ages for coughs and chest congestion.

-Bring 4-6 cups of water to a boil.
-To a large bowl, add 2 Tbsp of the herbal salt mixture.
-Pour boiling water over the herbs and cover the bowl. Let steep for about 5 min.
-Cover your head with a towel and position your face over the bowl, using the
towel as a tent to hold the steam in. -With your eyes closed (NB!!!) and your face around 25 cms away from the hot
water, breathe the herbal steam in for no more than 10 minutes at a time.

***Please note steaming is not recommended for the following conditions:
*** Extremely sensitive skin
*** Severe inflammation
*** Skin infections
*** Rosacea
*** Extreme acne
*** Sun and wind burn
*** Many broken capillaries present
*** Avoid if pregnant