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Soulstar Botanical Facial Cypress and Patchouli Oil Cleanser 50ml

Small Batch Formulation by a certified aromatherapist.


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Soulstar Botanica Oil Cleanser:
Small Batch Formulation by a certified aromatherapist

Ideal cleansers are lipid based and emollient, minimizing disruption to the skin’s barrier while still performing their cleansing function.

What is the problem with using soap based cleansers?
Soap can upset the skin’s natural acid balance and strip it of oil. It can also dehydrate the skin, thus causing oil glands to overproduce in order to compensate for the loss of water and oil on the skin’s surface. This dehydration prevents the excess oil from flowing to the skin’s surface, which can result in blackheads and potential pimples on an oily skin. If the skin is dry, lacking in oil, it becomes even drier because there is less oil to begin with. This promotes aging. Since we need some oil on the skin to lubricate and protect us from bacteria, it is wise to use an oil based facial cleanser. High pH products like soap strips the barrier lipids from our skin.

Olea Europaea:
Wound healing and extremely useful for dry, aging skin, eczema. An antioxidant oil to maintain skin suppleness, healing and soothing.
Tamanu. Calophyllum inophyllum:
Healing, promoting formation of new tissue, accelerates the growth of healthy skin. It’s antioxidant activity makes it very helpful in protecting the skin from free-radicals.

Essential Oil Synergy:
Cypress: Cupressus sempervirens.
Helpful in the treatment of congested, dull skin, broken capillaries, rosaceae, a supportive wound healer.
Patchouli: Pogostemon cablin.
A wonderful skin aid, useful for aging or sagging skin, itchy/inflamed skin conditions, acne, cracked or chapped skin, eczema (weeping), wrinkles, irritated skin conditions, inflamed scar tissue, allergic inflammation.
Geranium. Pelargonium graveolens var. roseum.
Helpful for hormone-related skin conditions, poor circulation in the skin, rosacea, a wonderful anti-inflammatory.

This process can take a couple of goes to get used to it but the effects are wonderful, soothed, soft skin.
It is valuable to cleanse the face in the morning and evening.
Wet face with warm water and gentle massage cleansing oil into the face, avoid eye area.
When cleansing, always use a soft cloth and fairly warm water to remove the oil then splash face with warm water then cold to finish.
Follow with a toning mist, gently patted into the skin and then a serum/moisturiser while the skin is still damp.
Please note: due to the essential oil content, it is advised to avoid the eye area as it can cause irritation to sensitive eyes.
Tip: ordinary sunflower oil is wonderful to use around the eye area, also great for removing makeup.