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A Weekly Seasonal Veggie Medley

Variety of Seasonal Veg from Local Farmers


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Variety is the spice of life
Seasonal eating is fun

This weeks combo – 15 items
1kg Young carrots (Certified Organic)
350g Baby beetroot (Certified Organic)
120g Cos lettuce (Certified Organic)
1 Spinach bunch (Grown organically)
100g Rocket (Home grown)
1 Radish bunch (Home grown)
150g Tender broccoli spears (Farmed ethically and sustainably)
1 Coriander bunch with roots (Farmed ethically and sustainably)
250g Portabellini mushrooms (Conventional farming)
250g Cherry tomatoes (Conventional farming)
500g Sweet potato (Conventional farming)
500g Brown onion (Conventional farming)
1 Whole butternut (Conventional farming)
250g Strawberries (Conventional farming)
1 Cucumber (Conventional farming)

Pls note due to logistics swap outs cannot be accommodated. You are welcome to put together a combination of produce to best suit your family’s needs