Eggs – Eddies – Free range 12

Eggs – Eddies – Free range 12

Certified NON-GMO. Animal Welfare approved. No hormones. No antibiotics. Colourant Free


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Eddie’s eggs are produced in the heart of the Sundays River Valley on a 100% Certified Organic Citrus farm. The farm is certified organic by the certification agent, Control Union, under two standards namely that of the European Union (EU) and the USA (NOP). The farm is totally free of any herbicides or pesticides. The feed is made on the farm with verified NON GMO maize and Soya Cake as well as organic lucern. All feed is tested at the University of the Free State for GMO’s prior to being fed to the hens. The happy hens are housed in their safe egg mobiles at night and during the day they are free to roam under the citrus trees where they find ample shade and protection from predators. Each egg mobile 300 birds and is regularly moved to fresh pasture…They have a massive 1500m2 of orchard space to scratch, peck and dust bathe as nature intended.