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Hannam Toaster – Flat White – Naturally Fermented Seed Bread (750g)

Sugar Free. Gluten Free. Vegan. Yeast Free. Preservative Free


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Our simplest recipe, made from de-hulled buckwheat seeds, water, sea salt and…that’s it. Nothing else added at all. Finely ground, giving a lighter, smoother texture that is more like a traditional white bread.

The Flatwhite has a subtle, nutty flavour, and you can taste the umami tang of the fermentation. Makes any topping sing but it is a particularly good with layered combinations, such as hummus, cucumber and fresh coriander; slivers of cured meat, seasoned tomato and basil; or boiled egg, dill and mayo.

Best enjoyed well toasted, to bring out the flavours – edges should be crisp and crunchy. Length of time will vary depending on the toaster, but often requires more than one toast cycle, or 5-8 minutes in flat iron.

Being preservative-free, it must be kept refrigerated, or in the freezer. Toasts perfectly from frozen. Lasts six months in the freezer (though we challenge anyone to keep something this delicious that long).